Pioneers in Justice: Building Networks and Movements for Social Change

May 15, 2014
The social justice sector is at a critical inflection point -- a moment where many of its fundamental assumptions and old ways of operating are being challenged. New tools and strategies are needed to strengthen the sector to advance its goals of achieving justice and opportunity for all.

This report is a new case study by Heather McLeod Grant about the Levi Strauss Foundation's groundbreaking five-year effort to help a group of Bay Area social justice leaders scale their impact by investing in capacity building and supporting new ways of working.

The case study shares many of the rich stores and lessons emerging from the Pioneers in Justice initiative, as these young leaders work to scale their impact and build social movements through the power of social media and networked action. What they are learning -- and how they learned it -- is something that everyone interested in the larger social sector will be curious to find out.
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