Special Collection: Funding Capacity
Capacity building can carry many different meanings, but at its heart, it represents an investment aimed at strengthening effectiveness.

This special collection of case studies, white papers, and evaluations gathers the experience and insights of foundations and nonprofits who have made just this kind of investment.

The collection builds on topics explored in the new GrantCraft guide "Supporting Grantee Capacity", including approaches to field-building, working with technical assistance providers and consultants, and assessing the impact of capacity building initiatives.

How Can We Help Our Grantees Strengthen Their Capacity for Evaluation?

Many of funders are already committed to evaluation as a tool to improve their programs and strategies, and are seeking ways to engage in this learning process in partnership with grantees. One critical aspect of understanding and growing the impact... … more

Cultivating Nonprofit Leadership: A (Missed?) Philanthropic Opportunity

From 2003-2012, the country's top foundations dedicated only 0.8 percent of total grants to nonprofit leadership development. And yet, as shown by recent historic progress around immigration, criminal justice and other social justice movements, we... … more

Supporting Grantee Capacity: Strengthening Effectiveness Together

In Supporting Grantee Capacity: Strengthening Effectiveness Together, we look at how funders approach building capacity with grantees. Through examples from foundations ranging in size, mission, and geography, we explore various... … more

Strengthening Nonprofit Capacity

Capacity building enables nonprofit leaders and organizations to develop the skills and resources they need to improve their work. Since each situation is unique and circumstances are always changing, effective capacity-building support is tailored... … more

Funding Free Knowledge The Wiki Way : Wikimedia Foundation's Participatory Grantmaking

This report is a comparative review of the Wikimedia Foundation's grantmaking practices, situating the work of the Foundation within a larger field of practice in philanthropy called Participatory Grantmaking. As authors of "Who Decides?: How... … more

Building Capacity to Sustain Social Movements: Ten Lessons from the Communities for Public Education Reform Fund (CPER)

Most funders agree that effective grantmaking requires pursuing a range of complementary approaches.Direct grants are the lifeblood of organizations and the cornerstone of funder practice, but grantmakers also provide critical value when they help... … more

Capacity Building 3.0: How to Strengthen the Social Ecosystem

Reflecting on TCC Group's 35-year history of designing, managing, and evaluating capacity building in a variety of formats, it is clear to us and to those with whom we work that the field is ready for an evolution in the ways we talk about capacity... … more

Understanding and Utilizing Evaluative Thinking: An Approach for Evaluators, Funders and NGO Providers

From July through October, 2014, Bruner Foundation consultant Anita Baker worked together with evaluation consultant Gila Melech, Tel Aviv, to develop and share evaluation capacity-building strategies including the development of a conference... … more

Insights on Supporting Small, Community-Based, Youth Development Organizations Through Responsive Capacity Building

The Bayview Hunters Point Community Fund offers one example of what it looks like when traditional grantor/grantee relationships are changed to foster mutual trust and a more personal relationship. This final report shares what they learned about... … more

Strengthening Collaborations to Build Social Movements: Ten Lessons from the Communities for Public Education Reform Fund (CPER)

This report explores how grantmakers can help strengthen collaborations among supported groups to advance ambitious social change goals. As noted by Grantmakers for Effective Organizations in Many Hands, More Impact, grantmakers can play a number of... … more

This collection was made possible by Open Society Foundations (OSF).